The National Council on Continuing Medical Education Assessment (NCCMEA) is a voluntary, non-governmental, independent national certification and continuing medical education assessment agency established to recognize Healthcare Professionals who have attained a standard of knowledge through structured training programs or work experience and for the purpose of establishing industry standards and professional code of ethics, in addition assuring the public that certified health-care professionals, and continuing medical education providers meet established standards of clinical knowledge and cognitive skills, this is done by creating a combined system of program review , documentation of not more than 16 hours of continuing education units for healthcare professionals, which provide the mandatory continuing education units required to keep their certification current, and testing the competency of individuals in the roles of Patient Care Technician (PCT1), Medical Assistant (MA1), Phlebotomy Technician (PHYT1), EKG Technician (EKG1), IV Technician, and Paramedical Exam Technician (PET1) through out their careers NCCMEA is firmly committed to excellence in certification and education.

The NCCMEA’s mission is to provide excellence in certification, and education while ensuring that its members meet the industry standards as healthcare professionals. Our mission is met by providing a valid, uniform process to assess the knowledge and skills required for competent practice by healthcare professionals throughout their careers by maintaining a registry of continuing education certification status As well as providing the highest quality continuing education certification services for healthcare professionals who care for patients, and to assure the public that certified healthcare professionals meet established standards of clinical knowledge and cognitive skills throughout their careers. We will continue to enhance the success of healthcare professionals and facilitate the professional growth of continuing medical education providers by setting standards of best practice, emphasizing the use of theory to inform practice, and promoting effective evaluation and quality research in healthcare continuing education programs.

Through certification, NCCMEA assures the competency of health-care professionals worldwide. The NCCMEA strives to meet the needs of our stakeholders efficiently, effectively and honorably. You can be assured that we will continue to maintain the high quality of our current CME evaluation and CE certification programs. Your needs—and those of your patients—are always foremost in our thoughts as we manage the present and look to the future. 

The purpose of the (NCCMEA) Certification Program is to document continued growth in patient care knowledge for the NCCMEA-certified healthcare professional, and provide assurance to the public that a certified healthcare professional meets nationally accepted standards of quality in their practice and has successfully completed an accredited training program and an evaluation, including an examination process, designed to assess the knowledge, experience, and skills requisite to the provision of high quality patient care.

Standards of certification are distinct from those of licensure. Possession of a Board certificate does not indicate total qualification for practice privileges, nor does it imply exclusion of other healthcare professionals not certified.
Additionally, NCCMEA certification:

  • Enhances certificate holders’ credibility within their organizations and among their peers.
  • Encourages continued personal and professional growth in their practice.
  • Provides a national standard of requisite knowledge required for certification.

The NCCMEA examinations were developed through a combined effort of qualified content experts and testing professionals. NCCMEA Continuing Education Committee lends guidance in the delivery of the program, and knowledge of the continual changing needs of the healthcare profession. The NCCMEA will continue to strive to meet the needs of its stakeholders efficiently, effectively and honorably.


  • Increase knowledge and value of the Certification Program
  • Strive to enhance professional competency
  • Encourage personal growth
  • Provide educational opportunities leading to quality service
  • Recognize accomplishments of a Certification Program
  • Every patient receives care from a NCCMEA certified healthcare professional.
  • To promote quality program practices through professional standards and evaluation
  • To acknowledge and validate CME programs that  meet or exceed standards of best practice in healthcare
  • To contribute to the broader integration of theory and research with practice in the healthcare field
  • To create processes by which CME programs use self-study and evaluation to improve and enhance the healthcare professionals success
  • To advance research and evaluation in the healthcare field