The NCCMEA CEU Credential is the premier credential among healthcare professionals. In addition the NCCMEA credential is also the solution for individuals working in the health-care field that need to provide proof of their mandatory continuing education units that are required by their credentialing agency or employer to keep your certification current, or for healthcare professionals that are interested in pursuing a continuing education medical certification. Now more than ever, employers such as hospitals, doctor’s offices, out-patient labs and nursing homes require health-care workers to have current certification and mandatory continuing education. (NCCMEA) CEU Credentials are nationally recognized measures of lifelong learning continuing education credit (not degree credit). NCCMEA recognizes the need for accelerated training for those already in the health-care profession but lack certification. Certification provides an extra measure of credibility within and outside the healthcare profession. The NCCMEA credential should quickly establish a certified healthcare professional as credible in a wide range of healthcare settings.

Earning an NCCMEA credential puts you in a special league, positioning you as a leader and role model in the health Profession. Investing in NCCMEA certification is an investment in yourself and your long-term career. NCCMEA certification can help you:

  • Improve your earning potential
  • Open the door to more opportunities for career advancement
  • Increase your job mobility and choices even in the face of a tough job market
  • Reach not only your short-term job goals, but also position yourself for success in your long-term career
  • Provide a foundation of broad and deep understanding
  • Be associated with NCCMEA 's strong and long-standing reputation of integrity and excellence

NCCMEA Credentials are available for many CEU courses.

  • Patient Care Technician (PCT1)
  • Medical Assistant (MA1)
  • Phlebotomy Technician (PHYT1)
  • EKG Technician (EKG1)
  • Medical Billing & Coding (MBC1)
  • Medical Laboratory Assistant (MLA1)
  • Paramedical Exam Technician (PET1
  • Medical Administrative Assistant (MAAT1)

Students, that have passed their NCCMEA Exam and completed their Application, will receive their NCCMEA Certification in 7 to 10 business days upon receipt of all completed documents and exams from the CEU provider you took the exam with.

Applicant must meet all of the following requirements:

  • One–year Work Experience in their practice
  • Graduate of a allied health training program or continuing education workshop/seminar

Registration can only be done through an CME approved education provider or employer. 

Those interested in obtaining a NCCMEA certification may be eligible to take the exam upon successful completion of the following certificate programs offered by and approved vocational training program: Certified Medical Assistant, EKG Technician, Phlebotomy Technician, and Patient CareTechnician, Insurance Exam Technician.

Experience may be substituted in lieu of a NCCMEA Certification and will be evaluated by the NCCMEA on an individual basis as criteria for meeting the exam eligibility requirements.